DT Film Scanning Kit

DT Film Scanning KitThe digitization of photographic films, glass plates and similar photographic negatives and positive media has consistently been a cumbersome and time consuming process. The new DT Film Scanning Kit utilizes the finest capture technology to provide preservation grade image quality both simply and efficiently. Designed to achieve the fastest throughput of film digitization while complying and exceeding the highest quality standards such as the FADGI 4-star guideline, this film scanning system will outperform the industry’s existing film scanning equipment.

Boasting an image capture every two seconds, the DT Film Scanning Kit is more than 240 times faster than scanning film with a flatbed or drum scanner. This system incorporates a cooled transilluminator to digitize all types of photographic plates as well as negative and positive film from 35mm up to 11" x 17" and includes all the necessary film pattern holders. The pattern holders elevate the film away from the transilluminator and minimizes contact with the object, ensuring preservation conditions throughout the object handling process. Built with versatility and repeatable performance in mind, this solution will be an asset to your workflow for years to come.

The DT Film Scanning Solution is an add-on fixture for use with the new DT RGC180 Capture Cradle or DT RG3040 Reprographic System. These modular systems utilize the highest resolution digital backs available on the market to ensure the highest quality images and are upgradeable as technology improves or needs change.

Features & Benefits

  • Over 200 times faster than existing scanning equipment
  • The highest image quality available
  • Digitizes 35mm up to 11” x 17” film
  • Includes all the necessary film pattern holders
  • Compatible with DT RGC180 Capture Cradle and DT RG3040 Reprographic System
  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely durable for years of continuous use
  • Ensures preservation object handling


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DT Film Scanning Kit



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