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The DT Division of Cultural Heritage provides a wide variety of accessories that work with our reprographic and book capture systems. We continue to develop more hardware and software tools to increase your productivity.


DT Film Scanning Kit

DT Film Scanning KitThe new DT Film Scanning Kit utilizes the finest capture technology to provide preservation grade image quality both simply and efficiently. Designed to achieve the fastest throughput while complying with the highest quality standards, this system will outperform the industry’s existing scanning equipment.

  • Over 200 times faster than existing scanning equipment
  • The highest image quality available
  • Digitizes 35mm up to 11” x 17” film
  • Includes all the necessary film pattern holders
  • Compatible with DT RGC180 Capture Cradle and DT RG3040 Reprographic System
  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely durable for years of continuous use

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DT RGC180 Capture Cradle / DT RG3040 Reprographic System Accessories


DT RG3040 Reprographic System
DT RGC180 Reprographic System
  • Laser Alignment System (details below)
  • Pattern Holders
    • Book Cradles
    • Vacuum Boards
    • Transmissive Light Sources
  • Integrated Lighting Support
  • Strobe and/or Continuous Lighting
  • Swivel Shelf
  • Customized Table Sizes
  • Film Capture Solutions
  • Custom & Specialized Targets
    • Near-Neutral or Near-White Colors
    • Book Scanner Form Factors
    • Oversized Targets

DT RCam Reprographic Camera Accessories

  • Extension tubes for close-up photography
  • Digital Back Adapters
  • Tripod Collar (to adapt DT RCam to studio tripod)

BC100 Book Capture System Accessories

  • Custom & Specialized Targets
    • Book Scanner Form Factors
  • Cable Management
  • Compressor

DT Laser Alignment System

DT Laser Alignment System

Benefits Include:

  • Improves efficiency by eliminating post-production work
  • Enables user to place original materials in the capture area with correct alignment consistently
  • Integrates seamlessly into DT Reprographic & Book Capture Systems
  • Made with industrial-grade materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely durable for years of continuous use

DT Vacuum Board

DT Vacuum Board

Benefits Include:

  • The highest quality vacuum board available on the market
  • Made with industrial-grade materials CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machined to .001” to ensure even focus across image plane
  • Customizable to any size
  • Wall mountable
  • Integrates seamlessly into DT RG3040 Reprographic System & DT RGC180 Capture Cradle
  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely durable for years of continuous use

DT Dual Crop Tool

DT Capture One Dual Crop Tool

We are proud to announce an exclusive Capture One plug-in designed specifically for our Division of Cultural Heritage clients. It is the first in a suite of productivity tools we are developing. The new DT Dual Crop Tool doubles the capture rate by allowing two crop regions in your capture area.

For example, those photographing books can capture both sides in one shot by assigning individual crops. The DT Dual Crop Tool creates a capture and two cropped variants to your specifications. With the use of variants you are saving space by not creating a second capture file.

For more information and pricing, contact Peter Siegel at 1.877.f/ortless (367-8537) ext.2280 or pes@digitaltransitions.com.

HAG Chair

HAG Capisco Ergonomic Chair

This chair is designed for use with the BC100 and DT RGC180 to ensure optimum comfort for the operator.

  • Saddle seat
  • Pneumatic seat height
  • Seat and back tilt as unit
  • Backward tilt tension
  • Two position tilt lock
  • Seat depth and back height adjustment
  • Seat height adjusts 19" to 26"
  • 32 lbs






Image Science Associates

Quality Assurance Software & Imaging Targets

  • Image Quality Kits
  • Targets
  • Service Packages
  • Software

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Content Conversion Specialists

Conversion Software

Information is the basis of purposeful action and therefore a basic need of our society. But a significant part of the world’s knowledge is still only available as printed documents, stored in libraries, archives and collections. CCS provides its customers and business partners with the best digitization and conversion technology and services available to make this knowledge accessible, searchable und usable – and at the same time preserve it for the future.

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