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Firewire 800 DC Plug for IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 Backs

The Phase One Firewire 800 DC plug is designed to provide continuous power to the IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 digital backs. Read More

The Beauty of Auto Crop - Duke University

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks we do in the Digital Production Center is cropping and straightening still image files. Hired students spend hours sitting at our computers, meticulously straightening and cropping extraneous background space out of hundreds of thousands of photographed images, using Adobe Photoshop. Read More

DTDCH Script Suite

Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage is proud to release the DTDCH Script Suite featuring an improved Shutter Integration Solution and several new batch cropping tools. Read More

Film Scanning Webinar Recording Now Available

If you missed our webinar last month on film scanning, you can now watch it in its entirety on our Media Page. Read More

IS&T Wrap-up and Batch Crop Manipulation Utility

DTDCH was at the IS&T Conference last month, with a Short Course on AppleScript for Capture One CH. Read More

Cable Management

The fact is, I like zip ties and think Velcro is one of science’s great contributions to humanity and continue to use them where appropriate, but I thought we could improve the look and experience of our systems with some new materials. Read More

Phase One XF: First Look

Today Phase One and Digital Transitions are proud to announce the long awaited next generation camera body, the XF Camera System. This system has been in development for years and finally gives Phase One total control over the entire platform; lens, body and the new IQ3 (which give tighter integration to the XF). Continue reading to see what our top reason are on why you should love the new XF Camera System. Trust us, there is a lot. Read More

The Phase One IQ3 - What You Need to Know

Along with the new XF Camera System announced today, Phase One has also released a new range of digital backs. The IQ3 is the next generation for Medium Format that work seamlessly with the XF. Continue reading to see all the new goodies! Read More

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