Cultural Heritage Digitization Solutions

DT DCH BC100 Book Scanner and Capture Unit


We provide capture hardware and workflow software to support the digitization programs of libraries, archives, collectors, museums, service bureaus and other institutions. We have experience designing rapid capture imaging programs and working “in the trenches” for non-profit institutions as well as developing solutions for high-volume conversion businesses.

Dedicated to serving this community long into the future, we ensure our client experience is one built on mutual trust and accountability.

Reprographic Scanners, Book Scanners & More

DT Film Scanning Kit


Our reprographic camera systems and book capture / scanners are replacements to the old days of film scanning. They are purpose-built to provide preservation-level rapid capture of rare books, circulation materials, manuscripts, documents, photographic slides, photographic negatives and photographic glass-plates.


Every system is custom-built to exceed FADGI 4-star and METAMORFOZE-Strict quality guidelines and is complemented by industry-leading software, Capture One, as well as CCS DocWorks, which creates JHOVE-compliant digital objects including METS/ALTO metadata and structure. Institutions often replace legacy planetary and flatbed film and book scanners with our capture systems, as they provide significantly higher image quality at much faster capture rates with industrial-grade reliability.

Partners in Digital Preservation Imaging

BC100 Setup with the DT RCAM


Our experience in designing and executing preservation and commercial imaging programs gives us first-hand knowledge of the requirements and concerns facing cultural institutions when digitizing a collection or doing fine art reproduction. Our partnership approach is comprehensive: We work closely with every client to design a total solution with an efficient standards-based workflow.


This includes selecting ideal hardware, integrating our systems into existing workflows, ensuring the integrity of the materials, making considerations for operator ergonomics, and providing continuing support and training to the staff in order to keep the digitization program running smoothly.





DT DCH Phase One Partnership

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